It's Hard to Find a Diesel Truck Repair Shop

Get reliable diesel diagnostic service at Twin Ports Diesel & Auto in Superior, WI

Diesel trucks need specialized service. Rely on Twin Ports Diesel & Auto for fast, high-quality diesel truck repair services. We run full diesel diagnostics and have a team of on-site technicians to handle your repair. Our auto body shop is located in Superior, Wisconsin and serves residents of the surrounding area.

Stop putting off your repair. Make an appointment with us today by calling 715-392-7467.

How do you know you need a repair?

You know how your truck drives. If things aren't right, you may need to bring it in for diesel diagnostics. The team at Twin Ports Diesel & Auto will conduct a full inspection of your vehicle to get to the root of the problem. Once we figure out what's wrong, we'll take care of your diesel truck repair.

You should bring your vehicle to our shop if...

  • There's smoking coming out of your exhaust.
  • Your fuel economy is decreasing.
  • Fluids are leaking from your vehicle.

Noticing any of these warning signs? Stop by today for service.